Weed Removal Albuquerque

Due to acquiring decades of expertise and skill to develop a streamlined weed removal and weed control process, we provide valuable weed removal Albuquerque residents highly recommend. Since our weed removal strategies depend on both the size of weeds and the scale of infestation, we analyze your lawn, carry out all inspections to verify the kind of weeds growing, and devise an appropriate weed removal plan before initiating the weed removal process. Since weeds grow quickly in compact, unbalanced soil, we test the soil to check its pH to confirm if the soil is balanced or not, as well as thoroughly examine if the weed growth is deep-rooted, which are harder to remove.

Once we have performed all pre-examinations, we carefully begin removing weeds using our effective herbicides and quality equipment to ensure that weeds are adequately removed without causing any damage to any nearby plants. Some of our popular and effective weed removal methods include:

Foliar Spraying:

 Foliar spraying involves the use of weakened herbicides, which are precisely sprayed on weeds using hoses or handguns. This is the most inexpensive weed removal solution for smaller plants and shrubs. 

Basal Bark Spraying:

This method is commonly used to remove weeds around the bark of trees. In such cases, herbicides mixed with diesel are sprayed around tree stems to kill them. This method also plays a vital role in preventing soil erosion, which ensures minimal damage due to the weed removal process.

Weed Control Albuquerque

Weed growth is an inevitable consequence of having a garden, so no matter how hard you try to get them to stop growing back, there will always be a chance for them to eventually return. But, with our experienced and trained specialists who provide weed control Albuquerque residents desire, you do not have to be concerned about not having enough time or energy to remove all of the weeds from your garden, or simply make an active effort to control its growth. Moreover, research has shown that mechanically pulling weeds from the lawn can cause perennial weeds to grow back faster, which are already more challenging to remove than annual weeds. For this reason, it is necessary to hire a well-known lawn maintenance company like ours to efficiently remove both annual and perennial weeds from your lawn by using effective techniques and tools to decrease the possibility of their regrowth.

We understand the importance of using natural means to control weeds, especially since utilizing strong sprays can also put the lives of all other plants in your yard at risk. Detailed research and experience have taught us the most effective methods to remove weeds, while also ensuring that none of the plants are harmed in your lawn. We believe it is our responsibility to productively remove weeds and keep our clients well-informed on the conditions they need to avoid that can increase the chances of weed growth. On our weekly lawn maintenance visits, we analyze every corner of the lawn to check for any signs of weed growth, and use preventative chemical and biological measures to actively deter their growth. Ultimately, choosing us for your lawn maintenance tasks guarantees a flawless, healthy lawn at all times.

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