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As one of the leading landscaping companies in New Mexico, we ensure that we make every possible effort to deliver all landscaping services to Albuquerque residents. Since our exceptional landscapers obtain nearly twenty years of experience, we will help you through the entire process of either having your landscape designed or needing assistance maintaining it. Sodding is one of our specialties, as wanting a lush green lawn throughout the year is everyone’s dream. We understand that the installation of a new lawn can be a lengthy, aggravating process, so if you do not want a whole new lawn installed because of the time and patience it requires, or you do not have the resources to undertake all of the discomforts that may be found in your yard, such as weed growth and pests, sodding is the best choice. The harvesting of sod Albuquerque residents admire has been around for a long time, especially since the Southern state of New Mexico has a climate that favors the growth of warm-season grass, such as Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass. As sod in Albuquerque is an excellent option for those residents who prefer a lush green lawn at all times of the year, we understand that this turf has gained a negative reputation for either poor rooting or an unappealing look, but that is where our experts who deliver sod Albuquerque NM homeowners desire deliver their expertise,  knowledge, and resources. Because our professionals have been trained for over two decades to quickly and efficiently install sod and maintain it well, we not only guarantee to purchase the highest quality sod for sale in Albuquerque, but we also ensure that it is appropriately installed with great care.

Sod for Sale in Albuquerque

Through years of expertise and training, our dedicated team delivers pleasing grass sod Albuquerque residents admire by ensuring that every precaution is taken before laying down the grass. Inclusive of our free initial consultation, our team analyzes your lawn’s landscape and formulates a plan to sod the entire area. Since our primary goal is to earn customer satisfaction, we ensure to provide a perfect result in accordance to your ideal outlook. For the most excellent turf, we have partnered with the best farms for grass sod Albuquerque homeowners highly recommend for bringing your visionary lawn to reality.

Because we have a comprehensive step-by-step procedure in place to install sod correctly and promptly, if there is any patchy grass present in your lawn, we remove it first, then prepare the soil using a rototiller to loosen the soil’s top layer, and then cover the soil with compost. Preparation of the soil is followed by spreading a fertilizer layer to provide essential nutrients to the turf, where our team can then provide quality sod Albuquerque NM locals want by focusing on proper leveling of the ground to ensure that the grass is laid out evenly. Once everything is taken care of and checked, we carefully begin laying down the turf in rows. The sodding process is completed by watering the lawn to ensure the soil is well-settled, but if the turf is longer than three inches, we will also mow the lawn to guarantee a flawless finish.

Sod in Albuquerque

Choosing to work with us to either have your outdoor landscape designed, lawn maintained, or even sodded, is a decision that guarantees you a lifetime of content and no stress. Both the quality of sod used by us and the outcome produced is warranted to be flawless, because we only use the best equipment and qualified professionals to carry out sodding.

While sodding is known for displeasing customers by being expensive and difficult to maintain, we promise to deliver excellent services at the most reasonable rates, as our landscapers are committed to delivering decades of experience, achievement, skill, and creativity to your backyard. Our job does not end once quality sod is installed on your lawn; we also take responsibility for its regular maintenance to ensure it looks as good as new at all times. Whether you need sod installation in your old or new lawn, or to remove your former sod and install a new one, we promise to deliver exceptional service for you, and without costing too much money. Since we believe that every house’s lawn is a sanctuary, and its quality and health should not be compromised at any cost, we provide the best services at rates lower than most landscaping companies in Albuquerque to ensure that they are accessible to all city residents. All of our services are provided with our customers’ satisfaction in mind, not just the profit, as our primary concern has always been customer satisfaction and quality assurance, which has helped us build strong, long-term connections with all of our clients.

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Whether it’s for monthly landscape maintenance, sprinkler repairs, irrigation installation or your new landscape design – we will always give you our best price, no matter where in the Albuquerque NM you live! From Ventana Ranch to Volcano Cliffs, from has you covered with affordable Albuquerque landscaping services.