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Maintaining a consistently healthy, spotless lawn at all times is not only the goal of all households, but is an accomplishment that we have successfully helped all of our customers achieve by acquiring nearly two decades of experience, skill, and knowledge in outdoor landscaping. With such experience, our lawn care Albuquerque specialists have always been committed to delivering only the best lawn care services. While lawn care and lawn maintenance go hand in hand, lawn maintenance plays a significant role in enhancing the garden. Lawn care is a broad term that includes services such as fertilization, pest control, weed removal, tree trimming, organic lawn care, and irrigation of the field. As each of these services is essential for the upkeep and overall health of your lawn, we understand how hard it can be to perform these tasks on your own, especially if you lack the experience or time to complete them properly, which is where our professional in lawn care Albuquerque NM homeowners trust step in to deliver services quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing that we will finish any work in the shortest time period without compromising quality.

Because our core values of quality assurance, integrity, transparency, and responsiveness form our reliable business foundation, choosing to work with us provides guaranteed relief in regards to all of your landscaping issues. Our hardworking team updates you on your lawn’s present condition every step of the way to ensure you are satisfied with the manner in which situations are handled.

Lawn Maintenance Albuquerque

Our unrivaled Albuquerque lawn care services are nationally recognized because of excellent customer satisfaction, quick responsiveness, and affordability. We believe that everyone should have access to the best lawn care services, and financial constraints should not be a reason to settle for unsatisfactory services that lead to awful consequences in the future.

The substantial variety of exceptional Albuquerque lawn care services provided to our clients at reasonable rates include:

Tree Trimming:

Tree and shrub trimming or pruning is crucial for a lawn’s overall health and quality, as irregular lengths of tree leaves and shrubs create an unappealing look in the garden. Moreover, weathering, infestation, and aging can naturally lead to dull or diseased branches that can cause a wider infestation, or in the event of a natural disaster, fall easily and injure an individual. We regularly visit your house to ensure that all of your trees are perfectly pruned so there is no room for any mishaps.

Weed Control:

Weed control and removal are one of the main reasons homeowners seek to find a skilled and knowledgeable lawn care company, which is what distinguishes us precisely a perfect choice for all of your landscaping and lawn maintenance issues. Our reliable and affordable services, along with our quality assurance, provides relief for all worries regarding your garden. With our effective weed removal techniques, we can assure you that weeds will not be a problem for you any longer. Furthermore, we also use efficient strategies to ensure minimum weed growth to avoid any chances of a pest infestation in your yard.

Lawn Care Albuquerque NM

Albuquerque New Mexico Landscapers prioritizes our customers’ needs over our own, which is why we always remain true to our core values of quality assurance, responsiveness, integrity, and transparency. We are open and transparent to our customers about all of the techniques used, as well as any progress that is made. Whether you choose to work with us to have your landscape designed or lawn maintained, we will constantly update you, receiving your approval before moving forward to take the next step of the process. If you are busy with work and have no time to pay any attention to your lawn, you can schedule weekly or monthly lawn care sessions, and our team for lawn care Albuquerque NM homeowners love will ensure that your outdoors are in perfect condition. 

Additionally, we provide soil testing services to check the soil’s pH for adequate fertilizer application, while ensuring your lawn soil is not over-fertilized. Soil testing is one of the most valuable services that help us charge minimal rates, while also producing the best outcomes by providing the nutritional balance of growing plants and minimizing the chances of soil degradation. It also helps us diagnose any problems that occur during plant growth, diagnose contaminated soil, and reduce the chances of over-fertilization. Since lawn maintenance and other outdoor tasks are the hardest to perform, especially in the Southern state of New Mexico, our providers in lawn maintenance Albuquerque locals admire are the most dedicated, hardworking, experienced, and toughest individuals in the profession. 

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