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Since our expertise, skills, and knowledge have equipped us with the resources to deliver the region’s best landscaping services, we promise utmost care to all of our customers, as we treat their garden as if it was our own. From landscape designing, to lawn maintenance and care, we have emerged as the ideal one-stop-shop for all landscaping solutions in Albuquerque, especially since we provide all of the services required to keep your outdoors looking spotless. Along with promises exceptional service to our clients by adhering to our core values in quality assurance, customer satisfaction, integrity, and transparency, our specialists are chosen for their professionalism, expertise, and ability to get excellent work completed on time. 

While lawn care and maintenance are two branches of the same tree, they still have their differences. While lawn maintenance is concerned with the garden’s upkeep, lawn care plays a vital role in enhancing it. Tree trimming is a significant part of both of these branches because it is essential to the health, upkeep, and overall lawn appearance, which is where our proficient team provides tree trimming Albuquerque NM homeowners desire. Because our team consists of specialists who bring in decades worth of experience, achievements, and certifications, we are renowned for delivering the best tree service Albuquerque residents have ever seen. We pay attention to details and ensure that every unhealthy, weak branch is trimmed correctly, giving the lawn a spotless finish. On our weekly lawn maintenance trips to your residence, we thoroughly analyze each plant, tree, and shrub to inspect if they require any trimming. As our experts understand that excessive trimming can have dire consequences, trees are only trimmed when necessary.

Tree Trimming Albuquerque NM

With both tree trimming and pruning being essential for the health and growth of any tree, our experts decide its trimming schedule depending on the tree type. For instance, a mature tree only needs trimming every 3-5 years, while a fruit tree needs to be cut once every year; on the other hand, a young, growing tree needs to be trimmed every 2-3 years. Having provided tree services Albuquerque NM homeowners admire for decades, our specialists know when a tree needs trimming to ensure a perfectly balanced garden. Choosing to work with an incompetent, neglectful tree trimming service provider can leave you vulnerable to unpleasant consequences. If trees or shrubs are unnecessarily trimmed too often, they can die due to stress, especially since the tree becomes unable to produce its food, transport nutrients, or support itself. While this fact is subject to conditions such as the age and health of a tree, it is strictly recommended not to prune more than 20℅ of a tree’s foliage for the long-term damage that excessive trimming can cause.

Not only have our experts provided tree services for quite some time, but the first thing they do is thoroughly analyze the trees and plants that need trimming and pruning every time they are required to perform tree services Albuquerque NM locals are looking for. Whether they need trimming or pruning depends on their condition, as an overgrown tree requires cutting, yet a tree with diseased and weakening branches requires pruning. Depending on the tree’s size and shape, a course of action is decided, discussed with our clients, and then, effectively executed.

Tree Service Albuquerque

Tree trimming and pruning are completed for many reasons other than just the plant or tree’s health and growth. At times, the overgrown branches can obstruct sunlight, preventing it from reaching the yard’s ground. While tree trimming and pruning is being completed, it is essential to take care of various elements to ensure the whole process is performed smoothly, which is what makes our tree trimming Albuquerque residents admire the ideal choice for your lawn maintenance needs. Because our experts carefully formulate a plan and schedule for an effective tree trimming process, we provide the required skill, experience, and knowledge to efficiently perform each lawn maintenance task. We understand that trimming trees and plants at the right time is an integral part of the process, which is why we ideally execute most tree trimming and pruning tasks during dormant seasons before spring or fall begin. This is because pruning during fall hinders the growth process that would have otherwise been triggered due to prune cuts, rendering the whole process as useless. While most lawn maintenance companies make mistakes, such as pruning using the flush cut method, which leads to the removal of the branch collar of the tree, or through removal of the branch collar that leads to an open cut on the tree, leaving it vulnerable to pests, our experts are equipped with the proper training, experience, and resources to ensure nothing of this sort ever happens.

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When pruning a tree, there are insufficient times to restore it to its healthier form, and nurturing it in your yard can cause more harm than good. Keeping trees around with more than 20% damaged branches can injure an individual, or even cause damage to the roof, cars, or powerlines. In such cases, it is recommended to professionally remove trees to clear the space that an unhealthy, infested tree is consuming in your garden, which is where our team delivers resourceful tree removal Albuquerque homeowners appreciate. With nearly two decades of experience in the lawn maintenance industry, our expert tree removal Albuquerque residents have grown to love is reliable, affordable, efficient, and quick. We have trained specialists who skillfully remove unhealthy trees without causing any damage to nearby houses or powerlines.

Due to our ability to provide solutions to all relevant problems at the most affordable rates, we are the most prominent provider amongst all other landscaping and lawn maintenance companies. As tree removal is a job that most homeowners are reluctant to use due to the corresponding high costs, we prioritize our client’s health and safety, and essentially believe that it should never be compromised simply because of a lack of funds. At Albuquerque New Mexico Landscapers, we take pride in delivering exceptional services at reasonable rates because we believe that satisfied customers are the single most crucial factor in determining a business’s success.

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